Celebration Day!

After a lack-luster Christmas season art wise, January has been AMAZING! I credit a lot of the success to Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. Above is a collage of the paintings and pieces of artwork that I made during January 1-30. Nine of them sold. Below is a collage with the sold pieces indicated by a red dot. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement if you purchased any of them.

My original plan was to do ALL 4" X 6" watercolors. I did not do that, but I did do quite a few of those and decide to make a collage of just those to see if I have "a style" in the smaller format.

My watercolors are usually large; I tended to paint more realistically in a smaller format. I think that the smaller watercolors have traits in common, but are not as distinctive. I have a few favorites though. The earlier ones are on display at Stifel & Capra in Fall Church, VA. I will be framing several of the others for shows around town.

Another exciting thing that happened in January is that I started painting in alcohol inks on yupo. Both the medium and the surface are new to me. What fun! What a struggle! I've by no means conquered it or explored its possibilities!

I hope your January was one to be proud of. See you in February!

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