Free Art, Would You Like Some?

Have you heard of Free Art Friday? There may be a group near you. FAF is a worldwide movement to give away artwork in public places, started by My Dog Sighs in Bristol, UK. (I might have a heart attack if I came across one of his cans!!)  In August, I decided to start a Free Art Friday Group in Northern Virginia. (DC has a group, but sadly, I don't get there all that often.)

This was my first art drop. I like to post a picture of where I left it as a clue. Of course, when I started we/I had no followers, so  there was no real reason do it, except to give future participants the idea. I sometimes post a photo of the artwork by itself:

My Free Art Friday pieces are a little more street art-like than other things I do. I took a few things to the group in Albuquerque, including a "crossing guard" sculpture that just happened to end up with a real crossing guard. Hmmmm. 

The group in Albuquerque is flourishing in part because of the enthusiasm of Stephanie Galloway.

We had coffee and I learned that she just happened to grow up as the neighbor of another friend of mine that I met in 2009 or so. Crazy, small world...

Back in NoVA (Northern Virginia, if you haven't spent time here), I continued dropping pieces over the fall:

Along the way, Jessica Kallista started "dropping art" and others here and there. Bryan Jernigan has been consistent lately, while I have not. It's great to see something happen each week. Anyone is welcomed to participate. Sometimes we hear from the person who finds it. More often than not, we don't, but that is okay. It adds to the mystery!

There is a group in Atlanta, if you live there. There are no groups in the state of Alabama, at least on the FAF list. I would love to see one in Birmingham, my friends. ;)

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Lillian Connelly said...

This is such a cool idea. I had never heard of it and today I saw two blog posts about it! I would like to do this. I am going to check the list!

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