Alcohol Inks on Canvas

For over a year, I've been doing alcohol ink paintings. I've painted on Yupo, ceramic tiles, plastic dominos, and glass. They are a fun and vibrant medium.

Yesterday, I went to my studio with the intent of doing some cherry blossom paintings on Yupo (synthetic paper). For some reason, I decided that I wanted to try painting with them on a blank and pre-gessoed canvas I had sitting around. It wasn't the absolute first time I have touched the inks to canvas, but it was the first time that I have done so as more than a mere experiment to see how the inks take to the canvas surface.

I took a few photos as I went along:

Inspiration photo, taken by me Spring 2013

Canvas with whites masked with Miskit. Usually the orange doesn't show up so much, but the bottle is getting close to empty and the coloration has settled to the bottom.

Squirts of ink! I'm now putting on my gloves!

Background now has it's initial coat of ink.

Masking fluid has been removed! Wow!

Now, I am painting in paler shades and detail. I love the white ink over the background!

Detail of Blossoms

I'm not finished with the painting. My plan is to come back in with acrylic paints and add some dimension. All in all, I am pleased with the start.