Watercolor Monotypes


Last year when I was learning about monotypes, the process of watercolor monotypes was demonstrated to me. You can use it when you are traveling and do not want to bring a block or a multiple sheets of stretched paper along. The painting is done (in reverse) onto mylar. In reverse? Yes, because the mylar acts as the plate for the print. You can, however, sketch from life onto the mylar with graphite or colored pencil and then flip the mylar over before you begin painting.

Although seldom employed by me, you can also use water soluble colored pencils. They will keep a bit of the grainy sketching quality as well as the water-y look of watercolor where the wet paper is applied for printing. The uncontrolled "bleed" and "pooling of color" are what appeal to me. I like how occasionally the paint will bead up and dry that way. You can see an example of this in the detail at right.