Under the Fir Tree - Alcohol Ink Series

"Under the Fir"
11" X 14"

The alcohol ink paintings keep coming. This was a painting derived from this photo:

I wish I had taken photos during every step of the process, but I neglected to. It is the process that I used in this blog post except I now use translucent Yupo paper which is much easier to see through. I also used a LOT of masking fluid in the making of it, but only in one layer. The background was somewhat of an afterthought, and I'm not sure why I put in a pink background, but I like it.

I've been having so much fun with these paintings this month that I'm now about to go find more images to continue the series. I hope you are enjoying them too.


Two More AI Gems!

I decided not to include these two alcohol ink paintings in yesterday's post because the photos were not recent. The one of the leaves is from last year. I loved the graphic nature of the branch on the road.

"Fallen Branch," 8" X 10" $175

In fact, this same branch is part of a paper litho print that I did last year,

("Whispers of Fall," 10" X 10," mounted on cradleboard is currently available at Stifel & Capra for $95.)

"Hollyhock Dreams," 11" X 14" $295

This painting is the second one that I have done using the inspiration photo of grain stalks (sorghum?) in Clovis, NM. The first one that I did sold very quickly and was in a different palette. I love how different days reveal different inspirations.

Do you see the resemblance? Which do you prefer?

If you want to know more about the method I use to paint these, I wrote about it here.


Winter Inspirations

Something about the bleak winter days makes alcohol inks more appealing. The bright colors cheer me.

I also got a FitBit for Christmas, so I've done a little walking (not enough, mind you). When I walk outdoors, I am compelled to photograph everything. Well, not everything, but a lot. This time of year, the photos are interesting in shape, but not color. I thought it would be fun to do colorful interpretations of them. I'll show each with its corresponding photo:

Summer Legacy, 11" X 14" $295

Winged Seeds, 11" X 14" $295
Token Color, 11" X 14" $295
Bristled, 11" X 14" $295

Meadow Wildflower, 11" X 14" $295
Are you surprised? Inspiration can be found everywhere. I remember watercolorist Sue Archer showing a painting of a dumpster. It was beautiful. She told us that it isn't what you paint, but how you paint it.


Goals For 2015; And, How'd I Do On 2014 Goals?

Last night, I read an article by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer where he suggested that we not make resolutions or set goals for 2015. It was about "living in the moment" and "being present." While I agree that we could all do a better job of those things, being successful in art requires many things including talent, productivity, and marketing. I work more effectively with a plan. Last year I set goals. I found it inspirational. I didn't meet all of them, but every three or four months I would reread them and assess what I was doing well and where I needed to devote more time.

In 2015:

Shows (we may be moving...can't really plan this category yet)
  1. Making our Marks:  New Work by Eight Printmakers, March 7 to March 29, 2015 in the Popcorn Gallery at Glen Echo Park (MD)
  2. Apply for a show at Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy.

  1. Do at least one new mixed media bird for Making Our Marks
  2. Learn to sketch with pen/watercolor (practice, practice, practice!)
  3. Spend at least two days a week at Crystal City Studio (11:30am - 3:30pm)
  4. Complete grass series
  5. Continue glass class on Wednesdays at least every couple of months.
  6. Paint at least one large or two small/medium watercolors every month
  7. Do three more Auburn watercolors so that I can have a card variety pack. (Thinking Samford Hall, one of the Eagles that fly at the games, not sure about the third)

  1. Standardize size of work to fit standard frames. Use up or sell all frame inventory that doesn't conform.
  2. Implement an inventory system.
  3. Frame rest of certificates and Vale Poster.

Marketing/Commercial Pursuits
  1. Reach 1000 Facebook likes on my art page
  2. At least double my newsletter subscriber list
  3. Move/add artwork to a different website for customers to order prints.
  4. Approach UMW at church about selling remaining prints and cards of the LWC on a commission basis.
  5. Design Brochure
  6. Convert some designs to fabric.
  7. Make some commercial retail products by stealing my own designs.
  8. Participate in Daily Paintworks (regularly...weekly? not daily)

Below are the goals that I posted at the end of 2013. Comments and additions are in red.

  1. Collective Ink (Feb 15 - March 16, Popcorn Gallery @Glen Echo Park) Check. Love the Lee Printmakers!
  2. Vale Arts Show (May 2 - 4, Historic Vale Schoolhouse in Oakton) Check. Great experience! New Friends!
  3. Have a solo show of watercolors. (Fall? After Vale Arts show in May) Did not apply.
  4. Have a solo show of bird prints. (ASAP after Collective Ink) Did not apply.
  5. Enter at least three national or international shows. One. (The Artist's Magazine) Two regional (CVWG and BWS)
  6. Central Virginia Watercolor Guild
  7. Potomac Valley Watercolorists 40th Anniversary Show
  8. MANY Local monthly shows!

  1. Stick with January "30 in 30 Challenge" I did it! Great experience!
  2. Spend at least two days a week at Crystal City Studio (11:30am - 3:30pm) Nope. I will be trying this again!
  3. Make enough pieces to do Art Cards, Vol. II (52+), if Vol. I looks good. Thanks to the 30 in 30, I have more than enough. Vol. I was cool, but the formatting wasn't perfect. I will probably print more of Vol. I when I print Vol. II...soon.
  1. Get mailing list into ONE file that is label ready. I did, but swear there are additional names somewhere.
  2. Add Paypal buttons to ALL website items. Yep.
  3. Standardize size of work to fit standard frames. Choose 3 or 4 sizes. Use up all frame inventory that doesn't conform. I did make work for some of my frame inventory. I'm getting closer to determining actual size, lol.
  4. Implement an inventory system. Well, I found one online, but it was tedious and didn't work for me, but I now know what I want/need. It will be on the list again.

Marketing/Commercial Pursuits
  1. Find at least one out of town gallery to sell my work. (Santa Fe? Florida Panhandle?) No, but I researched a few Florida places I would like to contact. I also learned that galleries DO NOT like you to stop by and talk about representation.
  2. Convert some designs to fabric. No.
  3. Make some commercial retail products by stealing my own designs. No, but still a brilliant idea. ;)
  4. Complete a painting of The Little White Church and participate in AUMC bazaar. YES!
  5. Complete Destin watercolor and show it to group that asked to see it. Make notecards. Yes.
  6. Approach Keever about selling notecards. No.
  7. Put fused glass and jewelry in a shop in Old Town Alexandria!
  8. Opened an Etsy shop!
  9. Got into Gallery Underground!
  10. Applied to Artsy Shark (turned down)

  1. Try Yupo. Yes!
  2. Try alcohol based inks. Love! And have sold most of my paintings done with them! Yay!
  3. Try fused glass. (January 8th) So fun! And, I've sold quite a few!