Under the Fir Tree - Alcohol Ink Series

"Under the Fir"
11" X 14"

The alcohol ink paintings keep coming. This was a painting derived from this photo:

I wish I had taken photos during every step of the process, but I neglected to. It is the process that I used in this blog post except I now use translucent Yupo paper which is much easier to see through. I also used a LOT of masking fluid in the making of it, but only in one layer. The background was somewhat of an afterthought, and I'm not sure why I put in a pink background, but I like it.

I've been having so much fun with these paintings this month that I'm now about to go find more images to continue the series. I hope you are enjoying them too.


ruthsievers said...

Nancy, this is wonderful. Loved seeing it partially created.

Kay McGlinchey said...

Nancy, I love this. I would like more explanation since I am a novice at this AI. I assume you did the AI painting, maybe let it dry, and then painted (with what?) over it. Is that true? Wanting to learn more. I am no artist like you and others, just playing with color. Thanks much for sharing.