“Never, never, never give up.” ― Winston Churchill

It is so strange how alcohol ink paintings can go from one thing to another is barely more than the blink of an eye.

This "poor painting" started out as part of the Color Field experiment that I was doing for a call for entry. I had high hopes for the concept, but it just didn't end up looking like I had hoped.

Then, I reworked it and came up with this painting. Compositionally, the sun is too big and is competing with the grove of trees that actually looks pretty good. I decided to leave the trees and wipe the rest of the board clean and start over. On yupo paper this works well. On clayboard, the board doesn't release the ink as readily. As I wiped, I thought, "Wait a minute here. I like what is happening!" So, I stopped wiping, added a few drops of blender and paint and took a look.

It's one of my favorite alcohol ink paintings to date.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." - Thomas A. Edison

Quick and Intense - Alcohol Ink

"A Walk to the Creek"
5" X 7"
Price TBD (I plan to frame it)

I find almost all art enjoyable, but some media are just more joyful and surprising than others. Alcohol inks are relatively new to me and the very nature of these inks makes each painting part experiment and a learning experience.

Last night I decided to add some texture on the clayboard ink painting. What does that mean? You arrange items (toothpicks, plastic wrap, etc.) on the wet ink and let it dry. This morning, when I removed the items (which either absorb ink or cause the ink to pool), the painting above was the result. I absolutely love the trees. I could get lost in the section below. Enjoy!

There are additional ink paintings on my website. You can also find other artists working in this medium on Facebook.