Winter Inspirations

Something about the bleak winter days makes alcohol inks more appealing. The bright colors cheer me.

I also got a FitBit for Christmas, so I've done a little walking (not enough, mind you). When I walk outdoors, I am compelled to photograph everything. Well, not everything, but a lot. This time of year, the photos are interesting in shape, but not color. I thought it would be fun to do colorful interpretations of them. I'll show each with its corresponding photo:

Summer Legacy, 11" X 14" $295

Winged Seeds, 11" X 14" $295
Token Color, 11" X 14" $295
Bristled, 11" X 14" $295

Meadow Wildflower, 11" X 14" $295
Are you surprised? Inspiration can be found everywhere. I remember watercolorist Sue Archer showing a painting of a dumpster. It was beautiful. She told us that it isn't what you paint, but how you paint it.

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Lillian Connelly said...

These are amazing, Nancy! AMAZING!!!