Little White Church

This charming church is a historic building on the same grounds as our church, the Annandale United Methodist Church. Both are on Columbia Pike Road, but the "Little White Church," as we call it, is at the end of Gallows Road. It has a long history and from what I've read, several creative and unsubstantiated claims as well.

The original Annandale Methodist Episcopal Church on this site was built in 1846.

During the Civil War, Union Troops used the church grounds as a camp following the 2nd Battle of Bull Run.

During this time, the church services had been moved to a private home. 

Later, in 1863, Army Officers stayed in it for a while before it was dismantled to build winter quarters for Union Troops to overwinter.

The frame and clapboard church seen today was actually built by Thomas Walker, between 1868 and 1870.  The first public school classroom in Annandale was located in the basement of this building in 1880.  In 1907, a belfry, pulpit and vestibule were added at the cost of $50. A year later the Ladies Aid Society donated the bell for the steeple. It can be seen on display along the sidewalk on Columbia Pike. This bell was Annandale's fire alarm. I tolled for the last time on VJ Day. It was removed twelve years later because there were concerns that the weight was too much for the belfry to support it.

On November 8th, come tour the Little White Church and see my watercolor (18" X 24"). I will also have small prints ($15 + tax) for sale at the Annandale United Methodist Craft Bazaar, which would make great gifts for the history lover or Annandale native in your life.

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