Goal for 2015: Pen & Ink Plus Watercolor Sketchbook

Yes, it is only mid-November, but I have completed all my major art events for the year, so my thoughts turn to setting goals for the coming year.

Today as I was going through an enormous pile of paper that has been building for the entire year, I ran across a folder of magazine and catalog tear sheets. In the days before Pinterest, I had files and files and files of various things. Now, if I see an article that I want to be able to find again, I find it online and pin it on the proper Pinterest board. This system is not foolproof, but then again, finding anything in my house on a piece of paper when I want/need it isn't either. (I do have a huge fear of Pinterest disappearing overnight, but I digress....)

Anyway, I ran across this:

I wanted to "pin" this adorable drawing on Pinterest, but could not find it online or on Pinterest. While searching for it, I ran across several other well-known artists who do drawings and sketches in ways that I admire and the idea for this post came about.

The sketchbook drawing is from a content page of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. This magazine ceased publication sometime around 2008. I was a subscriber for many years and always enjoyed the magazine, especially the inside look at one or two artists' studios. My favorites show a spunky side, like these:


Apparently, many people confuse Susan Branch with Mary Engelbreit. My google search turned up a lot of her drawings interspersed with ME's. Though equally sentimental, I've always loved seeing her work. I have several of her little books and cookbooks. My greeting card box has some of her cards in it too. I won't say that I want to draw LIKE her, but she is definitely an inspiration. Here is an example of her work:

I love the narrative quality of her artwork. Images like the one above tell a story.

The idea of learning to do a sketchbook isn't new. For years, I've wanted to take one of Peter Ulrich's sketchbook classes. Here is one of his ink and watercolor sketches:

He teaches at the Art League, but I would really love to do one of his workshop classes. Here is the sample of a previous workshop. I doubt that will happen this year, so if he offers one in town in 2015, I will sign up.

Recently, I began following Brenda Swenson on Facebook. She just returned from Italy. Oh, how I wish I could have done that workshop. Here is one of her sketchbook entries:

Today in my Googling, I also ran across a blog called Idle Minutes by Don West. (Idle Minutes is also on Facebook, btw.) I love his sketches; here's one from last Saturday:

I've added Idle Minutes to my notifications and can't wait to see what is ahead!

Are you inspired to sketch? If so, join me in my big goal is to learn to sketch and paint in my own style, under the influence of all these talented people! For a reluctant "draw-er" like me, this will be a challenge!

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