Contest? Why not?

26" X 18"

Audi of Arlington (VA) is holding a Grand Opening Art Showcase at their new building on Columbia Pike. The invitation to participate was extended to the students at the Art Institute of Washington and to the Arlington Artists Alliance, of which I am a member. The AAA received the invitation at a rather late date, January 24, but I decided that I should go for it anyway. The prize money is quite enticing and I always love a challenge.

As I understand it, up to 30 of the online submissions will be asked to display their work in the showroom and customers will then be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite. Five prizes will be awarded. Granted, I do not have thousands of local friends that will be willing to go and talk to the salespeople in order to vote for my artwork, but it would be great if I managed to get into the top 30 works. (I'll begin pleading with local friends to help me out at that point.)

If you happen to own an Audi and are interested in purchasing the painting, there is no mention in the Call for Entry that the dealership will be purchasing the piece. Clear instructions are given about picking the artwork up on February 16, so express your interest and I will contact you after that date.

UPDATE: My work tied for first place in the competition!


Lillian Connelly said...

How exciting! I hope you win!

P Vincent said...

Good luck Nancy! Love the painting. Especially the windows and the dealership sign. Great composition too.

Brenda Thour said...

I love this watercolor, it just shines!