Day 3 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

"El Paseo Courtyard"
4" X 6"

The subject of today's painting is a planter that I photographed in the El Paseo Building Courtyard down the street from where we lived for a year in Carmel, CA. If you have not been to Carmel, one of the most enchanting aspects of the town is the plethora of hidden alleys and courtyards, often filled with fountains or sculpture and always beautiful plants and flowers. The climate in Carmel is the dream of many plants. It rarely freezes and even the hottest days don't burn up tender petals. They probably love being misted by fog in the afternoon too! This particular courtyard is between Pepe's Little Napoli (great bolognese!) and Pepe's Wine Bar on the corner of Dolores Street and 7th. (If you put it in Google Street view, you can see the entrance to it complete with the Vespa that is always parked there. I have to admit that even the virtual walk through Carmel made my heart go all aflutter.)

If it doesn't look like my last two 30 in 30 watercolors, that is because I decided to try something different. One of my desired Christmas presents was a set of alcohol based inks and some Yupo to paint on. I did receive these items. (Thanks, Mom!) For the thirty paintings in thirty days challenge, I want to keep the size of my work consistent, so I trimmed a sheet of Yupo into rectangles the same size as my watercolor paper and set to work. Honestly, I had/have no idea what I'm doing. I debated watched at least on demonstration on YouTube, but I'm never one shy away from the unknown, so I didn't. I just jumped right in.

Wow! I can see why so many Yupo works are rather abstract. At least with alcohol inks, there is no way to maintain a sharp edge of a shape. I want to learn to "suggest" what is in the picture instead of providing so much detail. Some time with this combination of materials should help with that goal if it doesn't make me pull my hair out first.

The palette of inks I have is called "PinĂ£ta." I was able to mix most colors that I wanted using it, except for purple. The red and blue in this set do not make the color I was going for, but that is okay. I decided an assortment of blues would be fine. In the end, I like how it turned out. I like the blooming flocculations that the medium encourages. I think it is better suited to certain subjects, but you will see more in the days to come. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences with Yupo or alcohol inks in the comments. I plan to watch some videos too!

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Lillian Connelly said...

This is an exceptional first alcohol ink on yupo! I will have to dig out one of my first paintings...a mess! When I want a sharp line I sometimes use masking fluid. Sometimes the ink still leaks under it though, but it helps. You can also remove the ink with rubbing alcohol to create a line. The higher concentrated the alcohol the cleaner it comes off. People use brushes or even Q-tips to remove the ink. You might experiment with that and see if it helps. I am so excited you are trying them!