Day 19 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

Queen of the Covey
Mixed Media
10" X 14"

The timing of the 30 in 30 Challenge, might not have been optimal and it took me a few weeks to realize that. Although I really enjoyed painting the 4" X 6" watercolors, I am giving up my spot at a community printmaking studio at the end of the month and need to finish several mixed media prints before my access to the press disappears. I spent two days last week in the printmaking studio working on several new pieces, one of which, "Wild Marsh," will be an exhibit next month at Glen Echo Park. The other main objective was to finish a series of California quail mixed media pieces that I started last fall. "Queen of the Covey" is the first of three prints featuring this intriguing bird. All three include watercolored etchings and collage on a monotype print. It was really rewarding today to see the first of these works completed. I really wanted them to turn out well, so I've been dragging my feet for fear of messing them up. I was so excited about the monotypes on Friday that I was inspired to get them done. Hopefully, the other two will be finished in the days to come, but I do have to do a bunch of framing for the Collective Ink Printmakers exhibit.

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P Vincent said...

Love this Nancy! I feel like I am taking a calm walk in the woods.