What I've Learned (while doing the 30 in 30 Challenge)

I'm really proud of my perseverance in the 30 by 30 Challenge, but the commitment has been draining some days.

1. Even a very small painting can eat up half of my day.

2. I can still manage my life (most days) even if I spend a couple hours painting. I had to give up Papa Pear Saga and such to do it. It is worth it.

3. Posting every day (to my blog and my FB art page) has helped me to network and make new friends in the online art world.

4. Apparently, I get bored quickly. I was planning to do a watercolor 4" X 6" piece EVERY day, but on Day 3, I already wanted to do something different (a new medium = alcohol inks) and in the third week, I was beginning to panic about other projects I wanted to work on and hadn't found the time to do because all my creative energy was going into the 30 in 30. So, I don't have thirty paintings all the same size and style. And, that's okay!

5. I was reminded how much I do not like to draw. That might be the reason the ink on yupo is appealing. I can see through it to sketch outlines. I love to paint and the drawing just slows me down.

6. Movies with subtitles (i.e.-Kite Runner) are not good for painting entertainment. Light and funny movies can be (Guilt Trip and What To Expect When You're Expecting). Audiobooks and podcasts (Artists Helping Artists and Satellite Sisters!) are still the best!

7. Snow days (no school related sports/theater/etc.) make great days for just staying home and painting all day (in pajamas)...but result in lots (LOTS) of cups and dishes. Plus, the dogs just love everyone being home.

8. I really need to purge some photos from my "potential artwork" folder. I am never going to paint some of that stuff!

9. Artists are some of the nicest and most encouraging people!

10. I can't wait until February, but by September, I'll be ready to do this again!

BTW, I have sold seven pieces (with four days to go), so approximately 25%!

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