Day 4 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

"Lighting Pescadero Road"
4" X 6"
Sale Pending

There are many things I should be doing today besides painting, but here it is! Today's watercolor is of a lantern that hangs by a driveway in Carmel, CA along Pescadero Road. The ten months I spent in Carmel provided thousands of photos that I could paint from, but this one stood out to me today. I love the play of light and shadow the ironwork provides. It was simple enough an image that it made sense to paint it small. When I was just about finished, I decided the beige-y wall shape needed something and splattered it just a bit, something I haven't done in twenty years! Enjoy!

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Susan said...

Oh it has been so many years since I have been to Carmel! I would love to go again. Your painting stood out to me on the 30 in 30 challenge list and it did not disappoint with seeing it larger!