Day 2 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

Pike's Place
4" X 6"

In May of 2012, I visited a dear friend who lives in Seattle. It had been a decade since I had seen her and she was a fantastic host and tour guide. I painted this picture from a photo that I took at Pike's Place Market. She bought gorgeous King salmon that she cooked for us at dinner. It was amazing.

I think the look of this carried the jaunty essence that make me think of nautical flags. That is likely the abundance of blue and red and the two "x" shapes that I left white within.

I had a good time painting it, but even at 4" by 6", it took considerable time. I am hoping that I get faster doing these, because I do have other paintings that I would like to do this month. I would love to whine that watercolor just takes more time than some mediums by my friend Lillian Connelly over at It's a Dome Life has managed to do much larger works both days and has posted much quicker than I have.

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1 comment:

Lillian Connelly said...

Oh my gosh! Your paintings have so much more detail than mine do. I am marveling at your perfect lettering. Nice colors too! I am so happy that we have made it through day 2. On day zero I was really starting to have my doubts.

I do think watercolor is a more difficult medium and more time consuming. It just can't be fixed like other mediums so you really have to plan well and think about it before even plopping the brush down on the paper!