Day 16 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

Time for Tea
Mixed Media
4" X 7"

If my daughter sees this, she will likely call me a cheater, since I didn't begin this piece of artwork today, but I did finish it up today, so I am going to count it. "Time for Tea" contains many elements and layers. The spoon and the blue floral at the top are watercolor monotype elements. I constructed the tea bag out of several layers of paper and used the actual string, staples and little tag/label. The square is part of a watercolor that I decided would be better served in parts. Behind the spoon is a piece of an aquatint etching. I also see some papers I purchased and some papers some friends and I dyed and embellished.

Inspiration for this piece comes mainly from my print studio friends. Printing there requires a tea time to catch up and I greatly enjoy that. I am currently planning a show with these wonderful ladies, called Collective Ink Printmakers. That said, I am off to the print studio. Enjoy today's 30 in 30 here and on Leslie Saeta's blog.

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