Day 13 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

Crisp & Tart
4" X 6"

Today was not a normal day around here. I wasn't able to paint "first thing" as I've been doing most days. Several exciting art developments happened around here later in the day, which occupied the time I thought I would be painting. Needless to say, my 10pm post last night is being outdone by my 11:45pm post tonight. Leslie Saeta may have even posted tomorrow's painting by now.

"Crisp and Tart" is a watercolor based on a photo I took last week in California. After breakfast last Monday, I sat with my husband and son by the hotel pool while all our friends and neighbors in Virginia waited for the polar vortex to roll in. Next to the pool was a large metal bowl of Granny Smith apples. As we left the pool area, I put one in my purse. It came back to Virginia. I don't think anyone has eaten it yet. I don't do a lot of fruit or still-life paintings. I like the way the bowl turned out and there are details of the apples that I feel good about. I have plenty of additional apple photos from apple picking last fall, so if you like it, say so. I might paint more.

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