Day 20 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

Mixed Media
11" X 14"

Today, I finished my second quail, this time a majestic quail. I have to say that the top knot is what makes the California quail so appealing. I am not sure whether it imparts royalty or is a little bit silly, but it certainly makes me love them.

The palette used in "Sentinel" is a contemporary blend of neutrals and a blue-green. I find it soothing. I had a bit of a break-through when I wanted to add "something" to the upper third where it was uninteresting. I didn't want a big focal point and everything I tried drew too much attention. Then, the lightbulb lit up and I thought, "maybe the alcohol ink can tint the rice paper a color very similar to the area I want to change." Voilà!

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