Day 11 - Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days

Balloons Aloft
4" X 6"

I so enjoyed painting balloons yesterday, that I decided to do it again. I decided to "zoom in" just a bit so that the shapes would be a tiny bit bigger.

What have I learned so far during the 30 by 30 Challenge? I've learned that one of my rosy reds will bleed into other colors, even after it has dried. I suspect that I know which one it is and it will soon be replaced! After listening to Carrie Waller on the Artists Helping Artists podcast, I decided to buy the quinacridone colors before they are gone; now, I have a good excuse! The timing couldn't be better because about a week ago, I splurged on a new large palette.

I hope all the artists in the challenge are enjoying it like I am. I will say that my house needs more of my attention, but I'm hoping that this week I am able to balance things a little better.

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Cindy D. said...

They are beautiful! And I love the way you handled the crowds. I am having a hard time juggling the challenge with a full time job, yikes! But hopefully the weekends will be enough for catch-ups. :)