6 of 30 Comb Bittersweet Clam

You Can't Change Your Stripes (Comb Bittersweet Clam)
4" X 6"

This is the first bivalve that I've painted in the challenge. Gastropods seem to steal my attention, but the stripes on this shell won my favor. It is the size of a quarter with lovely color, not at all faded by the sun.

This painting would be a perfect accompaniment to yesterday's painting. I think they would look very nice hanging together. In fact, I'll offer them as a pair at a reduced price; click here.


JJ Jacobs said...

Your seashells are absolutely fabulous, Nancy - the details you capture with watercolors is amazing and each one of your paintings make me want to head to the beach....am looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful seashell paintings in this challenge!

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

JJ, that is SO nice. I'm having fun!