10 of 30 Tulip Shell

Brown is Beautiful (Tulip)
5" X 7"

For Day 10 of the thirty paintings in thirty days challenge, I decided to do something a bit different as far as the blogpost goes. I took progress photos as I went along and put them into a "video." (Really, just a slideshow/digital flipbook). Here is also a collage of the progress photos individually.

Note to self: Do not wear a hot pink shirt if you plan to take progress photos while you paint. :(

The shell I painted from doesn't actually have all the colors that I painted (at least to my eye), but it did have a warm glow that I wanted to capture. Plus, it is fun to paint neutrals without using neutral paints. (Thanks Jane Angelhart for teaching me how to do that!)

Larger photo of finished painting (pre-signing...oops):


seniormoments said...

I love your technique. Your colors are vibrant even if they are neutrals.

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

Thanks! It was a fun one to paint.

JJ Jacobs said...

This is fantastic!!! I loved watching the video and seeing all the layers of colors going into this wonderful painting - thank you for sharing your process with us Nancy!!

Laurie Mueller said...

Wow!! Cool...thanks for the progress shots. And I too love doing neutrals without using neutrals from the tube!

CDR Liz Booker said...

So beautiful

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate that you took the time to leave the comments!