30 of 30 Murex (Broken Shell Series)

Tiny Flaws (Murex)
4" X 6"

The painting of this shell, which I believe is an apple murex, concludes my thirty paintings in thirty days challenge. The end of this is bittersweet. Truthfully, I'll not miss the urgency, but accountability yields great results!

In the next few days, I plan to add all of the paintings to my website, where you might like to go view them. When I choose which I will include in a note card set, you can order off of the website where it says CARDS!

A special offer (DISCOUNT) will be in my email newsletter which will go out on Monday. If you have not signed up to receive it, you can do that by filling out the form in the righthand margin. The only information that you really have to give is your email address, but if you include a (snail) mail address and I have an art show in your area, I will let you know by sending you a promotional postcard.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my shells. Tomorrow, artists in the challenge will share collages featuring all thirty of their paintings. It is my favorite day to stroll around the web and view all the artwork!

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Sheila said...

Love this Nancy :) I love how you have captured the rough edges. Congratulations to you :)