15 of 30 Zebra Ark (Turkey Wing Shell)

You Turkey! (Zebra Ark/Turkey Wing)
5" X 7"

I have a whole bowl of turkey wings, from 1/2" long to 3" long. I keep telling myself not to pick up more, but as with most striped shells, a few almost always end up coming home with me. I have not trouble leaving the mossy arks on the beach, but turkey wings are another story!

Apparently, turkey wings are eaten in the Caribbean. I don't like oysters or mussels, but do like clams and scallops. I wonder if they are good.


JJ Jacobs said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your series of sea shell paintings, Nancy - not only are the paintings themselves fabulous - I am learning more about sea shells every day. Thank you for sharing such beauty and knowledge with us!!

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

I'm learning a lot too. I bought another shell book at the bookstore today!