5 of 30 Mudsnail Maybe?

Everyone Loves a Mystery (Mudsnail family?)
4" X 6"

I picked this shell to paint because It is so different than most of the shells in my collection. It isn't quite translucent, but it is thin. I thought it was unusual that half was white (with a few markings) and the other half an orangish-brown. I think I found this shell here in Florida since our move in August, but it is possible I had it before that. It is not readily identifiable as any shell in my new Florida Seashell book or with any image search could concoct for Google. It bears closest resemblance to the mudsnails, but it is too big and I think the aperture is too prominent. (Guesses or a knowledgeable answer in comments are welcome!)

When I started painting, I wanted to "lose" the dark edge into the painting's background. Instead of painting the background the same color as the dark in the shell to make the task simple, I chose to make it the complete opposite color on the color wheel and stir up some drama. Orange and blue are opposites. They are also the colors of my favorite college team.

Because I blended contrasting colors from the shell and background, the style of this painting is more contemporary. I really intended to do my shell series in a more simple way than I have so far. At one point, I contemplated only allowing myself a limited number of strokes per painting. (I was thinking 25.) After working on the painting to be posted Day 7 today, that seems like a joke that I should have taken more seriously. Maybe I'll try that in September.


Chris Lally said...
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Chris Lally said...

Beautifully painted!!

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

Chris, your comment double posted. I tried to remove one, but now it looks like I didn't like what you said. :( I don't know how to restore or make invisible.