29 of 30 Another Banded Tulip (Broken Shell Series)

A Rose Is A Rose (Banded Tulip)
5" X 7"

This painting isn't quite finished, but I'm in a workshop this week requiring driving back and forth and hour and a half, which makes for a long day. I also had the opportunity to attend a reception last night on a Royal Navy ship, so I wasn't even able to work on it last night.

The shell in this painting is below:

I forgot to add a coin to these photos give you a size reference; it is about 2" long and the one on the right in the bottom photo.

I'll be a bit late posting on the last day, since that painting is not even halfway at this point. At least I have no Saturday morning obligations! I cannot wait to put my collage together and see all thirty as a group. It's my favorite day to go look at other artists work.

This month has been thrilling. I've done at least ten paintings that I will have a hard time parting with.  I've found many artists to follow on Facebook and Instagram. I've picked up some followers of my own too! I love how the art world just keeps expanding in my social media outlets!


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Sheila said...

Love this as is, but I am interested too in seeing what more you add. I have really enjoyed your shells this month :)


SO beautiful!