24 of 30 Another Hawk-wing Conch (Broken Shell Series)

Worn Smooth (Hawk-wing Conch)
5" X 7"

I hope you aren't sick of conchs. I do live in Key West!

This conch has lots of knobs going down the body, so I'm pretty sure it is another hawk-wing. It is missing the signature "wing," but the inside coloration would also fit with that identification.

I sat down to paint and just couldn't do another straight realistic shell. Shells, being mostly shell pink or tinted with gold, have led me to choose backgrounds in the purple, blue or green families for a considerable number of paintings. I decided I needed something different.

At the end of next week, I'm taking a painting workshop with Lian Zhen. On the supply list were some paints that I didn't already own, so I had purchased them, but not painted with them. I decided to give my new tube of Joe's Red! I love it's transparency! The background here has several other colors mixed in, but in general, I was happy with not pink cheeriness of the new color!


Sheila said...

Not sick of them yet... maybe after an other thousand or so ;-)

Sue Marrazzo said...

A wow! LOVE this one a lot!

Laurie Mueller said...

I love the delicateness of this!