12 of 30 Jasper Cone

Oh, Conus! (Jasper Cone)
4" X 6"
I picked a different sketch today than originally slotted for Day 12. This may be the smallest shell I paint during the challenge. It's truly tiny! In fact, twice when using my hairdryer to speed dry the paint, I nearly blew it off the work table!

(BTW, the title is a sort of play on words related to military life; Conus is the scientific name for cone, but CONUS is the acronym for CONtinental United States, which seems to be my destiny for our entire military life.)


Anonymous said...

Lovely, and good thought!

Laurie Mueller said...

I think this one is my favorite so far. The colors, the shadow...great!

Sheila said...

Love it!

Rebecca Rhodes said...

Well done! Did you need a magnifying glass?

Mellowood Gallery said...

This is charming and so small. I really like the light that you put on the top of the shell - well done!

Nancy Murphree Davis said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. My cable AND internet was out all day yesterday, so I missed seeing them. I did not use a magnifying glass, but I did (I think) use the macro setting on my nice camera. The small shells are so overlooked. Most of my neighbors seem to only care about the big conchs and perhaps the sea biscuits. You can always find nice tiny shells if you look!