11 of 30 Four Scallops

Takin' Some Ribbing (Scaly Scallop Shells)
5" X 7"
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The scallops I usually find here in Key West are small, brilliantly colored and fragile. Having grown up finding Atlantic Calico and Bay Scallop shells, which are large and sturdy, this was a surprise. I am enthralled with the brilliant orange/red color. I tried to capture it in this painting, but in life it is often nearly flourescent, so I may not have portrayed it bright enough.

The largest of these four shells is slightly bigger than a quarter:

I've also found some Antillean scallops, but they are so thin that you can see through them and they are about 1/4" high. I'm always afraid the breeze will blow them out of my hand or cup!

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