20 of 30 Juvenile Crown Conch (Broken Shell Series)

Young One (Juvenile Crown Conch)
5" X 7"

This broken shell is hard to identify. After giving serious consideration to the worn juvenile fighting conch, ribbed cantharus, chestnut latirus and gulf oyster drill, I finally decided that my best guess is a juvenile crown conch. If you think I'm wrong, please tell me. ;)

If it weren't larger than the quarter, I think the gulf oyster drill might have been my guess, but my shell book says they max out at 1".

I approached this painting (and tomorrow's) in a different way than the preceding 19 days. With the last few paintings, I found myself applying layer after layer to the background after I finished the shell itself. Today I decided that I'd try masking the shell image and doing the background first.

Was it a better method? The painting seemed to go more quickly. I only had to put one or two washes on the background to tweak it at the end. I'm not sure yet whether I'll continue it on day 22.