18 of 30 Murex (Broken Shell Series)

Elegant Fossil (Murex)
5" X 7"

The murex is the cocker spaniel of shells. It is rather compact with beautiful folds, ridges and curves. I've found several partial shells and one whole shell, but it has two holes. (The whole shell may be from California.)

The shell I painted from is in both photos, bottom left in upper photo and bottom right in the lower photo. You may be able to tell that it is different in color and texture from the shells it is pictured with. It could be a fossil. Some fossilized shells are still in existence today; others have been extinct for up to fifteen million years! Almost all open pits of mining operations where these shells can be readily found are closed to the public.

I feel certain that is I keep looking, I will find an unbroken murex. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the fragments.

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