14 of 30 Stocky Cerith and Friends

Freckled Faces (Stocky ceriths...at least the shorter ones)
9" X 12"

Growing up, we called shells similar to these "periwinkles." It turns out that periwinkles are a completely different shell.

My shell book didn't make identifying these guys easy. They are probably all in the cerith family. The top left and bottom left in the photo with the dime are stocky ceriths. The others have brown dots like the fly-specked cerith, but are missing the protruding whorls. Perhaps they are juvenile or perhaps the top middle shell is just a long and slender "stocky" cerith, lol.

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Sheila said...

I just love this glowing background, and the shells are perfect! I have some like these that are teeny tiny. About 3/16 of an inch.