Yes, I Used Purple

Dusty Miller
4" X 6"

Upon returning home from a walk earlier this summer, I noticed that my front flower bed was looking particularly nice. I am somewhat partial to lamb's ear and other fuzzy plants, so this year I planted Dusty Miller.

If you wonder why I gave the blog post the title that I did, it is because I almost never use purple in my paintings and my friend and studio mate, Bryan Jernigan LOVES purple (and pink) and uses them in at least half of his paintings.

When this painting began, I started with the silvery sage green. I decided that I wanted the background to be a contrasting color and the purple just seemed to be a good choice. I like the combination and may have to work a bit harder to use purples since I have fallen in love with Shadow Violet in the past few months.

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Lillian Connelly said...

I love the color combination. I think that silver green/blue color of the leaves actually looks fuzzy. Pretty cool! It reminds me of this plant we have here that has lambs ear type leaves, but get really tall.