Teeny paintings and luminescent watercolors

Glitter City
2" x 2"
$45 (includes mat and 5"X 5" frame)

This charming watercolor of an imagined utopia was a joy to paint. It all started because I had some scrap pieces of my super high quality watercolor paper that needed to be put to a good use. Also, last time I ordered watercolor paints, I ordered a sample sheet from Daniel Smith. The luminescent watercolors on the sheet have been taunting me. I was curious. I was afraid to commit. What better way than to give them a try on something that didn't invest a lot of time and material.

The above photo is clear and you get an idea of the subject, but to truly experience the luminescent effects, you MUST click on the video.

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Lillian Connelly said...

This is really cool. My internet is slow due to weather so I'll have to come back to watch the video. I can't wait to see it glitter!