Announcing...Wander Tram Jewelry Designs

So...I've been making and selling several different kinds of jewelry since about February, but in a rather "unofficial" capacity. I've been handling the sales as part of my nmdART business, but sending or giving my artwork business card with the items is awkward because it directs customers to my art website, which doesn't have my jewelry designs on it and the card doesn't have my Etsy shop on it either. Obviously, it is time to get new cards.

I didn't want my cards to say Nancy Murphree Davis Jewelry, so I sat pondering what to call it. My son suggested that I make an anagram of something, which I found an intriguing idea. Wander Tram is a fun name that encompasses all letters of nmdART(wear)! Do you think it is completely random? Here is why I don't think so...One of my favorite quotes is:

"All who wander, are not lost."
                        J.R.R. Tolkien

That is what my jewelry is about...creative wandering. I love making the fused glass pendants. I love painting the domino pendants and the domed glass pieces. It is fun. I hope they make people as happy to wear as they make me while I create them.

I also love the idea of a tram! When do you ride on a tram? 
  1. The airport? That says travel and new places to see and explore! 
  2. From a stadium or amusement park parking lot? That is always exciting!
  3. Downtown? Playing tourist at home or while traveling is one of my favorite pastimes!
I'm currently ramping up for a craft show on Nov. 8th. After that, I will be putting all of my remaining items in my Etsy Shop or taking them to Local Colour Old Town. Here is a sneak peak of some of the items.



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