Home Portraits

Obviously, I knew that artists often paint houses for clients. I had never thought to call them "home portraits" until I heard the term used last year. In some ways, I think it is an apt description. Our homes are special places. I often think I should do a painting of each "home" that we have had as a couple/family, but now that we are in number twelve, it is a daunting thought...perhaps someday. Very soon, I will start another home portrait. I'm excited about that. Ages ago, I thought my dream job would be architectural rendering. This is perhaps, even better.

Above is a home portrait that I painted for a local artisan who wanted to use it for her website. I had not met her and I did not know where the house was until I delivered the finished piece, but when she told me, I knew immediately which house she was speaking of. I had been curious about that house ever since I first saw it, because I have an affinity for stone.

Hetty is a lovely lady. She is a fiber artist and she also does furniture refinishing and painting. Visit stoneHOUSE workshop and look at her work. Contact her with a project. Leave a comment. Bloggers love comments.

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Lillian Connelly said...

This is gorgeous! I think you could do really well doing home portraits.