Painting in Your Car

Small Pinecone
4" X 6"

If you follow my art page on Facebook, you probably saw the photo of me painting in my car last night. 

On occasion, I have a day so busy that I can't sit still to paint. Yesterday was one of those days. However, my daughter had rehearsal for a little over two hours, so I decided to take my paints and work in the car. The arrival of night was a bit of an issue. I alternated between running the car, leaving the interior light on with the car off, and using my iPhone flashlight. It worked out pretty well. I should probably look for unlocked rooms at the rehearsal space and stake out a desk or table for the future rehearsals this month.

Back to the painting itself... There are certain objects in nature that have always been visually appealing to me. Some of these are acorns, mushrooms, seed pods (including pinecones) and tendrilled vines. Add to this innate attraction, my current love affair with the Daniel Smith Lunar Blue watercolor and you get the above painting. I hope you like it.

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