Cornflower Blues

Something Blue
4" X 6"

In early June, I began to notice these blue flowers blooming in the medians. I wanted to take photos of them, but with all of the end of year school activities and such, I kept putting it off. The linger I waited, the more I admired the color. It was the exact shade of my childhood "cornflower blue" Crayola blue crayon. Which, incidentally, always disappointed me when I put it to paper. The lovely color barely showed up.

When we pulled out of town for a road trip at the end of June, I thought to myself that I had likely missed my chance at photographing them. I was certain that they would be finished blooming when we returned home weeks later.

Imagine my surprise when I found them as pretty as ever upon my return! I think I took the photos the same day.

It turns out that they are the flower of the Chicory plant. It likes to grow on the roadsides because it loves sunshine and heat. Apparently, the deer love to eat the leaves in the Fall. I sure hope they don't eat it out of the medians.


Paula Campbell said...

My favorite wildflower! Love your painting.

Irina Averinos said...

Beautiful picture!