Day #3 of 3: Pink Cattleheart

Over the Andes
5" X 7"

The Pink Cattleheart butterfly is a forest butterfly found in Central and South America from Mexico, through Costa Rica and Ecuador to Peru. Due to this location it is also called the Transandean Cattleheart.

Typically, the butterfly has five red patches on its hindwing. You can see that the one I photographed (below) only has four with a gap. I only found this out reading about the species, but I find it even more special now!

The caterpillars feed on pipevine, which makes them poisonous to predators.

This butterfly was at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy. It is a lovely space, but my photos leave a lot to be desired. I think I need to take the "good camera" and return soon. Besides many lovely butterflies, there are (among other birds) adorable button quail, turacos, and a pair of flamingoes!

Here is the slideshow of the art in progress: