Day #2 of 5 Hecale Longwing

Perhaps I confused everyone yesterday, titling the post Hecale Longwing and then saying that it was a Tiger Longwing in the text. This butterfly has many names. More about that in a few days.

Today, I will show you the next step in my painting process. I learned it in February from Lian Quan Zhen. As with most things I am taught, the more I use it, the more my methods deviate from my instructor and become my own.

Paper - Arches 140# cold press
Masking Fluid
Paint - In this case only Antwerp Blue, Joe's Red and Bumblebee Yellow, but I premix into six dishes
Brushes - mainly Loew Cornell ultra rounds, because they hold a point well
Spray Bottle with water

First, I mask off white and yellow areas with removeable masking fluid.

Then, I spritz the paper lightly and randomly with water. Next, I dribble paint. I give some consideration to where colors will be in the finished product, but I don't have a firm plan at this point. In the case of the butterflies, I did make sure to put orange there. I use a straw to blow the paint around. I use my large brushes and my finger to move puddles of color together to blend in some places. Finger painting! Fun!

Today's result:

Come back tomorrow to see it take shape!