Day #1 of 5: Great Yellow Mormon

Time to show the beginning of butterfly painting number three!

I love ferns! I often use ferns in printmaking. I find them a relaxing and peaceful plant. I'm not sure if I associate them with relaxing in the shade or if the shape of the frond uses its fibonnaci magic on my brain!

I photographed these Great Yellow Mormon butterflies in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Museum when we lived in Northern Virginia. Our family went to the District for the day and our son's girlfriend came along too. I noticed that she seemed very nervous when the butterflies landed on her. I asked her if she was afraid of them. She explained, "Have you ever noticed what butterflies would look like apart from their wings? They are kind of creepy." To be honest, I hadn't given that much thought, but I like many bugs, so I would not be the type to find them scary....unless they could bite me.

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