St. Michael's, Pensacola, FL

St. Michael's, Pensacola, Florida
by Nancy Murphree Davis

Since I am not overwhelmed with words today, I will just add an insight and post a photo. This picture is an original watercolor that I painted from a personal photo dating from approximately 2003 (pre Ivan and Katrina.)

Today was a studio day for me. We are in the middle of a portfolio swap. When I arrived ready to print my remaining eight prints for the edition, the drying rack was mostly full of prints from yesterday.

I asked the (3) studiomates if they thought the artist whose work was on the drying rack would mind my stacking their work. I got a (slightly non-committal) "no."

Knowing that this work was (at least) twelve hours old, I gently stacked it (in order). I printed my remaining eight prints in the edition, I took a break. When I returned, I found a very upset artist. Apparently the prints I had stacked were not sufficiently dry. I felt extremely bad and apologized profusely. I think the artist realized that it was not a malicious act and there may me additional circumstances surrounding the drying time, but I felt terrible.

My husband keeps saying that I should set up my own studio, but I feel the interaction among artists overshadows the problems of the shared space. What works best for you?

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