Polaroid Transfers and Emulsion Lifts

Ball's Crossroads by Nancy Murphree Davis
I recently took a class on Polaroid transfers and emulsion lifts. Essentially, you use Polaroid pack film (the old peel-apart kind, for those old enough to remember it) and place the image onto surfaces other that the Polaroid paper.

Traditionally you use slides and a slide printer, but I prefer to use digital photos which I alter in Photoshop and then print onto transparencies and mount in a slide frame.

The two different processes, image transfer and emulsion lift yield different results. Overall I prefer the image transfer, but am planning to experiment with applying the emulsion lift to monotype or etching. I will post the result when it is completed.

Today, I did an edition of a triptych entitled Balls Crossing which depicts images from the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Glebe Road here in Arlington. That corner has an interesting stainless steel sculpture entitled Bud/Blossom which I have attempted to show at interesting angles. It is still drying, but I will include it soon. I am hoping to sell some of them at the Ballston Art Market at Welburn Square which resumes next month.

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