From Photo to Watercolor: A Foray into Video & How I Did It

Facebook has made a lot of changes lately, one of which being that videos play while you scroll. This development makes video more eye-catching than a mere photo, so I thought I would try to make a video from my watercolor paintings.

Since I have a Macbook and all of my photos are already in iPhoto, I decided to see what my options were there. It was surprisingly easy to create a slideshow and then drag the photos into that slideshow. I was able to drag them into the desired order. It turned out that I could not get the title slide to look the way that I wanted it to, so I decided not to include the title via the iPhoto option. I went to Photoshop Elements and made a title slide and the other slides that have just words on them. You could also do this in a word processing program as long as you save it as an image file instead of a .doc file.

I imported these slides that I made into iPhoto and the slideshow. When you play the slideshow in iPhoto and hover over it, the settings button appears. I chose a song from my iTunes playlist and selected the option to have the length each slide is viewed to fit the length of the song. Then, I clicked "Export" on the bottom bar. (This process takes quite a while if you choose the larger files.) I uploaded the mobile version to my Facebook art page because many people were likely to view it on their phone. I uploaded the Medium version here.

I am sure that I will make more of these type of "videos" in the future. I think you should give it a try too!

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Maria Bennett Hock said...

great idea! Love your video. Will start working on mine now!