My Plans for 2014

In an effort to be accountable to myself, I am sharing what I hope plan to accomplish in the coming year. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

  1. Collective Ink (Feb 15 - March 16, Popcorn Gallery @Glen Echo Park) 
  2. Vale Arts Show (May 2 - 4, Historic Vale Schoolhouse in Oakton)
  3. Have a solo show of watercolors. (Fall? After Vale Arts show in May)
  4. Have a solo show of bird prints. (ASAP after Collective Ink)
  5. Enter at least three national or international shows.

  1. Stick with January "30 in 30 Challenge"
  2. Spend at least two days a week at Crystal City Studio (11:30am - 3:30pm)
  3. Make enough pieces to do Art Cards, Vol. II (52+), if Vol. I looks good.

  1. Get mailing list into ONE file that is label ready.
  2. Add Paypal buttons to ALL website items.
  3. Standardize size of work to fit standard frames. Choose 3 or 4 sizes. Use up all frame inventory that doesn't conform.
  4. Implement an inventory system.

Marketing/Commercial Pursuits
  1. Find at least one out of town gallery to sell my work. (Santa Fe? Florida Panhandle?)
  2. Convert some designs to fabric.
  3. Make some commercial retail products by stealing my own designs.
  4. Complete a painting of The Little White Church and participate in AUMC bazaar.
  5. Complete Destin watercolor and show it to group that asked to see it. Make notecards.
  6. Approach Keever about selling notecards.

  1. Try Yupo.
  2. Try alcohol based inks.
  3. Try fused glass. (January 8th)

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