All I Want For Christmas

Add me to your Christmas list this year, but most items that I would like are FREE!

1. "Like" - If you are my real life friend or acquaintance, please "Like" my art page, Nancy Murphree Davis Art.
If you are thinking, "But, I don't like art," or even, "Nancy, I love you, but I don't like YOUR art," then "Like" it anyway and then do this:

Hover over the thumbs up Liked button, click Notifications

AND THEN change "default" to "unfollow"

(Why follow and then hide? It improves my page rank and helps me find new followers/customers, including when I run ads, plus, it makes me look more legitimate and popular to people who do not know me personally.)

2. "Share" on Facebook - If you are a fan of my artwork, and can't buy a piece right now, "share" my art page posts on your timeline when you see one that especially like. You can do this as often as you like. Also, "Suggest my Nancy Murphree Davis Art page to your artist and art loving friends.

3. "Follow" on Instagram - I'm NMDARTIST
These posts do show up on my Facebook Art Page, but since Facebook picks and chooses what you see, you might like to do both.

4. "Pin" - I have a Pinterest Board called My Artwork. I'd love it if you re-Pinned some of these. Other artists claim to have sales from Pinterest. It would be great to see that happen for me in 2016.

5. "Tell a Friend" - Almost all my art sales are from people I know or friends of people I know. If you hear someone say that they cannot think of a present for someone special in their life, perhaps they would like to commission me to paint their house or a scene from vacation or something. Send them my way.

6. Sign up for my newsletter - it comes by email. Forward it to friends. :)

7. "Shop" - Visit my website to buy artwork or note cards. (Okay, this one is NOT free.) If you would like a print of one of my paintings, ask and I will see what I can do. I can get it on canvas (even a watercolor painting) or as a print (on paper).

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