"Home Portrait" Painter

I received an inquiry today about a potential commission. I am always humbled when people ask me to paint a place very special to them, in this case "grandmother's cabin."

I happen to love architecture. In high school, I thought that I wanted to be an architect. I studied architecture for about a year and a half in college before realizing that I was much better suited to visual arts.

When I travel, I take many pictures of buildings. One of my early favorite paintings, currently hanging in my bedroom, is one that I did of Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco around 1990.

When painting "for myself," I obviously take liberties with color and form. These works routinely get into shows and some have won awards, but as of yet, they really haven't sold well.

Somewhere along the line, I began getting commissions of homes (and a barn). They have been a joy to paint! Clients seem to have been very pleased with all of them thus far. I'll assemble them for perusal!

Whether you want a painting of the home you grew up in or a special vacation photo, I'd be happy to work with you realize that desire.

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