Days Like These

I had a phone call last week about a monoprint that sold a few weeks prior (shown above). I told the caller that I still have the printing plate and can try to closely replicate it.

Yesterday morning, I found the plate (and a few others that I had not seen in a while). After coffee with a friend, I left the house. About a mile down the road I realized that I left the house without the print that I was using to reference the colors she said were "too dark" in another version of the artwork, but decided not to go back for it. Then, I noticed that I had only 50 miles left on my tank of gas. The studio is only 11 miles away, but I knew that I would be returning in 5 o'clock traffic, so I detoured over to the cheapest gas station in our area and filled up. After that, I decided that I should just drive the extra 1 1/2 miles back to the house and get the print for reference.

Thirty minutes later, I'm at the studio. I take my stuff upstairs. It is busy. People politely make a place for me to work. I get out the paper and put it in to soak. I take out my inks and prepare them for the "a la poupee" process used to make this print. I look for the plate. It isn't in the stack. I go to my car. It is not there. Argh!!!

I take out the arrow prints and get to work on those. I had fun. I like the results and will post them soon.

I will go back today and print "Faces on Parade." (I already put the plate in the car.)

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Ann said...

Ugh! Drive me crazy how complicated getting things done is sometimes!

I love this print! I am really intrigued by the subject matter.