Artist Statement

Galleries ask for these things. They are really hard to write. Unlike a resume, where you show yourself in the best possible light based on accomplishments and facts, the Artist Statement is supposed to reveal something about the artist or the artist's work. So far, my work doesn't have an underlying political message; it doesn't seek to challenge beliefs. I paint what interests me and hope that my "take" on them will be appealing to others. Most artist statements use big and important words. They are often in "artist speak." I found this and gave it a try. It cracked me up. Even if you are NOT an artist, fill in the blanks and check some boxes and read what it gives you!

Update: 8/27/15 I've moved to a whole different state (FL) and will soon be rewriting my artist statement. I found an article with examples of some good ones, so I thought that I would link to it on this post for inspiration, both for myself and readers.

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Bryan Jernigan said...

Loved this! So funny, but I might just use it to see if anyone catches it. Thanks, Bryan