Commission Work

I do occasionally undertake commission works in monotype with the following terms:
You tell me the general subject matter and colors you are seeking and we discuss whether you prefer the format horizontal or vertical, etc.
Generally, I charge $1 per square inch of the image area. I require a deposit of $200 or half the cost of the finished piece, whichever is the lesser amount.
I prefer to work with rough, not detailed sketches. If you would like to see these, that is fine. If you require a more detailed sketch, we will have to come to terms about an additional fee.
I do the print.
You look at the print and see if it is what you had in mind. You pay me the balance and take the one-of-a-kind work, or I keep some or all of your deposit and you can walk away. (The amount I keep is based on the salablity of the work due to the subject matter/color etc.)

Below is a commissioned piece I did for a little boy's room. The client requested a fireman theme and said she would like primary colors.

by Nancy Murphree Davis

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